Thursday, 12 December 2013

Vintage Style Inspiration: Samantha Stewart

Foyle's War is one of my favourite television shows, set during and after World War Two and moving into the Cold War. Today I would like to share with you some of the outfits and style of Sam Stewart, played by the lovely Honeysuckle Weeks. Sam is the driver to Chief Superintendent Foyle and helps out with the police work. She's very spirited and practical but one of my most favourite things about the character is the way she looks. She consistently sports an understated and elegant casual style from top to toe, and she is one of my ultimate 1940s style crushes. 
 [1, 2]

Her hair looks fab in both these photos and I really love the ease and simplicity of these casual outfits. I really must get a couple of plain 40s style blouses like she's wearing, I feel like they would become instant staples in my wardrobe. 

Her accessories in these photos are great. Her hat in particular catches my eye. 


Here is another appearance of the hat to top off a lovely everyday 40s outfit. 


Her cardigan and dress combo here is perfect. I love how the red pattern on the edge of the cardigan matches the dress. 


A wonderful suit here and her shoes and scarf deserve a mention too... 


Her hair here is lovely again. It's a little similar to how I do mine for everyday but the combs are higher up in her hair and it has that gorgeous swoop at the front. 

If you haven't seen the programme I'd definitely try and catch it if you can. I am so happy that period police dramas are a thing that exist. I'm not sure what countries the show is available in (definitely the UK and I think also America but not sure where else!) but if you can get it on the internet or whatnot then it's worth it.



  1. Foyle’s War is also a farvourite of mine, although I rarely have the time to watch tv. But it is definitely one of the programmes I like to watch. And what I like about it is precisely the many realistic characters created from the everyday life of ordinary people, resembling very much the way I like to dress myself.

    The only sartorial detail that I miss in the series is that a lady would be wearing seamed stockings in the 40s, if she was indeed wearing stockings at all because of rationing. And stockings rationing would even make women wear leg make up with a carefully painted back seam. (In the US the lack of stockings even developed into “nylon riots” – there is a funny description at:

    1. Interesting article, thanks for the link!

  2. I love Foyle's War! Sam has to be my favorite character on that show. Aren't her outfits great? I completely agree about loving the "vintage casual" looks she often sports. It serves as great inspiration for everyday wear :)

  3. Would you believe it, I've yet to catch a single episode of this show. Given that we've recently ceased our cable service (we just didn't watch enough TV to justify the nearly $70 a month cable bill) that might be trickier to do now, but perhaps Netflix will come to rescue (and/or I'll find some other place to legally watch it online). Thank you for the reminder - I need a new (to me as a viewer) period series to watch this winter (especially since Masters of Sex, which I massively recommend, just wrapped up for the year last night).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'd highly recommend it if you can get to watch it at all :) I haven't managed to catch any of Masters of Sex but I'll try to find it at some point.

  4. Hey Helen! Thanks for sharing this information because if it weren't for YOU I would never known about this show!! I'v ejust downloaded the first season and I'm looking forward to see it in my break time <3

    Love from Brazil

    1. Great, I really hope you enjoy it!

  5. I love Foyle's War, and yes, Sam has awesome style! I just love everything about her!

  6. I love that show too! And yes, Sam's clothing is quite cute and her casual looks are my favorite.